7 Major Life Lessons I’ve Learned in the Past 7 Years (and How You Can Learn Them Too)

How to learn 7 life changing lessons much faster than I did. The easy way.



how to learn 7 major life lesson fast
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Hey beautiful soul, thanks for stopping by!

If you’re reading this chances are, you’re quite into self-development, continuous learning and all this kind of stuff, which is great because it means we already have more in common than you’d think we do, so welcome to the fam! You’re also very wise to be here as what you are about to read may possibly spare you seven or more years by laying out to you what I’ve learned the hard way.

Before getting into it I’d want to mention that the original text was a list I made for myself but then I thought this could possibly help others as well, so I did my best to make it readable.

While I was trying to figure out how I’d better share it with the world, it hit me: I have a blog! Well, not really, as I don’t actually write anything (excepting a few isolated posts years apart when I accidentally remembered about it), but technically it’s there.

It exists and patiently waits for me to get back to it, bring it back to life and give it an identity, a purpose, a reason to occupy this bit of virtual space- which is exactly what I am trying to do right now.

Back to my list, I wrote it a few days ago, in a chilly rainy afternoon, over a hot cuppa tea, while I was listening to some calming piano music (I love piano and adore it when it rains!).

I had just finished a chapter of a book I was reading and my mind started going all over the place- as always- to kind of slow down when it approached this idea. What have I learned over the last few years? Why did I live these years? What’s the outcome of me inhabiting this (not) perfectly spherical but still astonishing beautifully rock called Earth? Was it wasted time or did I manage to use it wisely in order to evolve and get closer and closer to reaching my full potential?

This is what I came up with.

Actually, there are so many other important lessons I realized I’ve learned but from all, I only chose 7 which I consider is some sort of collective lessons if you will- lessons which now, more than ever, we all have to learn in order to elevate the collective consciousness. The sooner that happens, the sooner we’ll be ready to access the next level. What that means? We’ll see. I’m just trying to do my
part in helping the process.

Why in the past 7 years you’d say? Well, I could have easily gone back to 10 or 15 years as my personal self-discovery/self development-or however you’d like to call it- journey started a long time ago, but I feel like the last 7 years were the most transformative of all. So here they are, in no particular order:

( LE: It turned out I had much more to write than I initially thought hence my post became a quite long one. To make it easier to digest I figured out I’d better
split it into several parts. Here you have the first part.)

Lesson number one: Patience.

I feel like this is one of the most important skills each and every one of us should master because firstly can save us lots of headaches in our day to day lives and of course it also is one of the main ingredients in our spiritual journey.

Nowadays, in the world of fast and instant we arrive to believe this is how everything should be, so when it happens that something goes a bit slower than what
we are used to, what we’ve planned or anticipated, we quickly start to get impatient, anxious, nervous.

This applies to the little things, like being stuck in traffic or having to wait for your dinner for a full hour exactly on the day you are starving (because you had to skip lunch for whatever reason), as well as to the
big stuff, like your career goals or building up your business, and ultimately to the spiritual journey.

The truth is, some things take time. Just because it’s more than you wanted,it doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t ever happen nor that you’re doing something
wrong. It just goes hand in hand with lessons 3 and 7.

A simple exercise you can do while finding yourself in a situation which is testing your patience: change your perspective.

Let’s take as an example the traffic situation, which most of us can relate to. First of all, you should ask yourself: can I control/change the situation right now? In our example the answer is obviously ‘no’, so then you’d ask yourself ‘which other options do I have?’.

At this point you could go two routes:

a)  Get nervous, irritated, anxious because you may be running late or because you’re losing your time. This would be fighting the situation you already realized
you cannot change.

Short term: Instead of being late you’ll be late and grumpy, eventually with a headache on top of it, lowered your vibration, spreading negativity and attracting the same.
Long-term: You’re training your brain to react like this every time when a similar situation arises, so you just added a new source of stress in your life.

b) Make the most out of it. Listen to some of your favourite songs- and sing them too, make that call to your mom/ grandma you’re postponing for 3 days,
listen to a podcast, make some light exercises for your neck, hands and feet (yes, there are some which can be done even sitting in a car!), the possibilities
are endless, it’s up to you and the situation you find yourself into.

Short term: You’re feeling better than when you got into the traffic jam, you’ve raised your vibration, spreading positivity.
Long-term: By consciously choosing to respond like this to every situation which requires for you to be patient, in about a month it will become a habit,
meaning you will retrain your brain to automatically react in a similar manner for the rest of your life.

I’d like to know what’s your experience so far with patience? Do you consider it to be an important skill, do you have any tips for those in the process of learning

Let me know in the comments section below and if you enjoyed this feel free to share it with your friends. Also, make sure to come back for the second part of the list!


Writing therapy (I suppose).

Sometimes life is so strange and you don’t understand why,no matter how much you try. And those times you can get really frustrated because you want to own your time in here,to take your decisions and to be able to control the things that are happening to you.

Sometimes your soul is crying and screaming inside but you just fool everyone with a fake smile because you’re so good at making it look real.

Sometimes you meet people at the wrong time and place,but you learned so far that actually everything happens at the perfect time and for all the right reasons and it drives you crazy because now it doesn’t make any sense.

And sometimes you just can’t sleep for hours trying to figure it out as you always do,but this time the more you think,worse is getting.

Sometimes it’s so damn hard to accept what it is, to let go and to trust. Lessons that you were sure you managed to learn so far. But no,life wanted to prove you wrong.

And a million thoughts are racing through your head and you want to scream to let them out so you can just sleep and forget about everything even if only for a few hours. But you can’t. And then you just want to cry until you fall asleep exhausted. But again,you can’t. So you write. After such a long time,you write again and you just don’t care how it will look, you don’t review it and you don’t correct it, because these words are alive,rushing out from your darkest corners so fast you have to struggle to catch them,otherwise they’ll be lost forever. You don’t want to.The pain is so real you know it’s another important lesson,even if you don’t fully understand it yet,but you want to be able to come back in the same place when you will need to.

You really hope writing will help in some way this time as you have no other sane option left.

Sometimes you don’t get closure.


Restless summer nights



I’ve never been a big fan of time. Never had a good relashionship with it.Never truly understood the concept since the first contact,when I was just a child. I don’t wear a watch and never did or will do,I try avoiding checking the hour as much as possible, avoiding having a schedule again,as much as possible,which is not the easiest thing to do obviously.

Always being late because I am not capable of estimating how much will I need to do anything and then feeling so guilty when I remember everyone else on this planet is being controlled by time and I am the outsider.

Love those days when I can just go around without having to worry about the time at all,gives me such a good feeling of freedom. So to say, taking advantage of every opportunity to get ‘out of time’-literally. Floating in a space where the notion of time doesn’t exist makes me feel so comfortable and ‘at home’ that I often start to question myself where I am coming from and what I am doing here as I definitely don’t belong to this planet.

On the other hand ,I am living on here for quite a while now and even though I still feel like an alien because of so many aspects, I had to adapt even if just slightly. So along with my absolute refusal to obey to the time notion I got an obsessive fear of running out of time,which is a contradiction and doesn’t make much sense at first,but I see it as a result of my attempts to fit in and feeling a bit more ‘human’.

I look back sometimes and realize how much had passed and how many things have changed since certain moments that I remember with such a clarity they seem to have happened yesterday. I acknowledge how much the people around me have changed,I see the results of the passing time on their faces and sometimes on their spirits and minds as well.I look at myself and realize how much I have changed,transformed and evolved as a human being since I can remember myself.How I grew up and how now I am growing old.
All these put together are giving me this more and more intense fear of running out of time. This is my human part,my mind thinking and overthinking and wanting to do everything now. Rushing to do things before the time is over. Setting goals,wanting to experiment,to travel,to learn as much as possible, to grow and evolve,to do so many things I can’t even list here because it will get way too long. To make great memories with my dearest ones and be around them because I know one day our time will be over.

My non human side though feels like all this is a nonsense as time doesn’t exist so it can never end,being just an illusion. We all constantly change and transform but we never actually disappear. So I should use my time here for doing something that would help my spirit evolve and make me happy.But what exactly? I couldn’t figure it out yet. And this brings me sadness and disapointment along with the fear of just wasting my time.
Deep inside,I feel I am the same me since I was a child so I know that’s my core,my soul,my spirit or however you want to call it. I know this is the most important thing we have,this is actually who we are and that’s what we have to focus on expanding and taking care of.But then again, my spirit for now is on this human body so I also have a mind that wants so many other different things and trying to find a balance sometimes seems such a difficult thing to do.
So this is it so far, living between those amazing out of time moments where I feel more comfortable and at peace with myself than ever and this continuous rush to discover the reason why I am here,my gift,my purpose on this planet before I run out of time.



I just came across this video and it touched me deeply.

There are so many toughts in my mind at the moment,but all I want to say to whoever will read my post is that I honestly believe you should watch the video. There will be very well spent 20 mins of your life.

Of course each one of you will feel and understand it in its own personal way,but I’m sure at the end you won’t regret to have watching it.

Have a beautiful day,filled with life,love,dreams and peace! 🙂

Bad day?


There are moments in our lives when we feel lost.Confused.Hopeless.There’s no point in nothing. It’s over. Lots of questions and too many negative thoughts. All we have to do in those moments is just to be. Accept and live our reality, go through all the thoughts, feelings and emotions and live them. There’s something good in everything that’s happening to us.

The truth is we are always in the right place, with the right people around us, living the right experiences. No matter how stupid or pointless might seem this statement
in some days of our lives. So we may accept with an open heart and mind the reality as it is or fight it. Fight with the Universe, which is actually fighting with ourselves.
And it doesn’t exist a winner in such a fight.Nor a prize.

The End.


“I’m not afraid that the world will end in 2012. I’m afraid that it will continue without anything to change.”
This would be the message translated from French.
And I think this would be a much better way of seeing things,way I totally agree with.
I wouldn’t say I am afraid,there’s no use of fear,I would say more that I am concerned.You might have a different opinion,but just take a minute and think
about: if the world it will end-which is a fact,because every beginning has an end- but if it will end this year,that would be it.
I mean,that’s fine,all of us will have an end,that’s a fact as well.Some of us sooner,some of us later.
Let’s suppose for all of us will be this year.Fine. What’s the problem if you’re gonna die or you and the rest of the planet population will die?
However,you’ll experience just your own death in both cases. And after,depending on your religion,you think it will happen that or this with your soul.
So you just should enjoy as much as you can” your last days” on this planet.What else could you do?
But what if The End won’t be this year?That’s the correct question to really reflect about. Just take few minutes and look around you,outside and inside of you
and let me know if you’re happy about everything that you see,feel,live.
Would us,the people around the world,as an entire,deserve more time than the few days that we’re supposed to have left?
If you think we wouldn’t,then what do you think you could do to change that and when are you thinking to start doing it?

Even if for few days maybe,

Live,love,dream,be 🙂